Collegiate Division


Mission Statement:

“The mission of the Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference (FCTC) is to administer, develop and promote collegiate triathlon within Florida.  The FCTC shall annually determine team and individual Conference Champions, and shall pursue a leadership role regionally and nationally to foster collegiate triathlon.”


To grow the development of Collegiate Triathletes within the Florida Region by:

  • Increasing participation by 20%, by introducing “Newbies” into the sport by lowering the race distances to Super Sprints, Sprints and Olympics.
  • Increase participation at the school level, by helping schools design team programs
  • Develop more school level clubs by actively inviting all schools to participate.
  • Build Regional Collegiate Race Series and Collegiate Championship Race
  • Introduce NCAA racing to developing club level athletes
  • Allow an easy High School to Collegiate transition
  • Have more inter-school activities (joint training, social events at races/nationals)


  • To utilize triathlon- centered instructional strategies in sports and educational activities
  • To create a nurturing environment in which every collegiate participant has the opportunity to enjoy the learning life and sports skills.
  • To increase public awareness of and involvement in Collegiate Triathlon at the regional and national level
  • To expand opportunities for all levels of participants to learn all aspects of the sport of triathlon.


  • Work with Race Directors in the planning phases of races, to allow them to prepare for collegiate waves.
  • To set a Race Director agreed price for all collegiate racers, $35 for Super Sprints, $55 for Sprints and $75 for Olympic races.
  • Encourage and support all schools to organize their own races
  • Presence at non FCTC Series Races to increase knowledge of the program
  • Support all FCTC members at Nationals with single “hang out” area with region tent


Conference Championship Race Dates for 2017:

March 12, 2017                  Sarasota-Bradenton Triathlon –  Sarasota – Sprint Distance

March 26, 2017                  Turtleman Triathlon  – Jupiter – Sprint Distance

April 2, 2017                        HITS Ocala  – Ocala – Olympic Distance


April 21 – 22, 2017             USAT Collegiate Nationals – Tuscaloosa  AL – Olympic Distance

Any questions regarding the FCTC should be directed to Jodi Hovius, FCTC Director at

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