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Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.13.19 AMUSA Triathlon offers support and services that enable the lifestyle of multi-sport athletes while fostering the community environment that participation in a club offers. Being part of USA Triathlon as an annual member supports various multi-sport initiatives and programming. USA Triathlon works to establish a pipeline of programs to encourage participation in multi-sport at all age levels and to view multi-sport as a lifelong sport. In addition to the individual benefits athletes receive from the USA Triathlon annual membership, athletes are supporting programs such as youth development, High School Triathlon Program, collegiate triathlon as an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women, High Performance pipeline athletes and para-triathlon programs, just to name a few.

Goal: Encourage registered USA Triathlon Clubs to bring new athletes into the multi-sport community as USA Triathlon annual members. The goal is to drive incremental membership for both your club and USA Triathlon while educating multi-sport athletes on the many benefits and programs they can partake in as members of the USA Triathlon community.

Incentive Program: Registered USA Triathlon Clubs are invited to participate in the Club Incentive Program to inform their club members of the benefits of USA Triathlon annual membership and to encourage their members to join the USA Triathlon multisport community as an annual member.

How it works:

USA Triathlon Clubs are asked to indicate on their profile their interest in participating in the Club Incentive Program and to submit the most current roster of their athletes by May 13, 2016.

Registered USA Triathlon Clubs will work to gain new USA Triathlon annual members within their club over the course of the year. The growth in new USA Triathlon annual members will be determined upon the submission of the year-end club roster, which is due by Nov 30, 2016.

For large clubs looking to use a bulk upload, you can find the downloadable excel sheet within your club profile under the Club Incentive Program section. The downloadable excel sheet has directions for use. Please contact with any questions.

In December of 2016, the club rosters will be verified for conversion of club members to new USA Triathlon Annual Members. Clubs will be notified of their conversion numbers and will be able to use the tiered package model to select which sponsor package they would like to activate for their club.

Please note:
A new USA Triathlon annual member is counted as one of the following conditions:

o Purchased their first adult USA Triathlon annual membership
o Renewed a previously expired adult USA Triathlon annual membership (with a lapse in membership of 1 year or greater)

Steps to Update Club Roster:

  1. Club Administrator logs into USA Triathlon account with their member ID and password.
  2. My Account–Clubs–Club Administration–Update Roster
  3. Build roster by searching for each member by first name, last name and state. If the member is a

    USA Triathlon annual member, they will be in our system. Click “Select.” If they are not a current USA Triathlon annual member, the club administrator will need to manually add them to the roster.

If you would prefer to upload your entire roster using an Excel spreadsheet, the template for doing so is available for download on the club roster screen. Once filled out completely, the spreadsheet can be uploaded into the system to update your club roster.


Steps to Turn in Final Roster:

  1. Club Administrator logs into USA Triathlon account with their member ID and password.
  2. My Account–Clubs–Club Administration–Update Roster
  3. Update roster to reflect the new annual members in the club by providing their USA Triathlon

    Annual Membership numbers.

An Excel template can be downloaded, updated and then uploaded into the system.

  1. You must also indicate on the screen that this is your final roster for the program.
  2. SAVE

What’s in it for the club?

Is your club looking for new club apparel, training gear or club specific signage? By maximizing USA Triathlon Annual Memberships within your club, your club will in turn earn credit to spend with 2XU or MPA Event Graphics to help fulfill your club needs.

Ideas for Club Incentive Program Funds Use:

  • Raffle items for your club events
  • Rewards for club based programs
  • Club branded apparel
  • Club-branded signage for club facilities, events and races

Club Growth Incentive Tiers                                           2XU                     MPA

Tier 1: 6-25 New USA Triathlon Members                 $600                    $300

Tier 2: 26-45 New USA Triathlon Members              $1,400                 $700

Tier 3: 46+ New USA Triathlon Members                 $2,000                 $1,000                  Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.13.40 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.13.48 AM

Example of how the program is structured:

Houston Triathlon Club wants to participate in the Club Incentive Program. They submit their first roster as early as possible, including all of their club members. They upload the roster in the Membership system which includes USA Triathlon annual member number for those that are USA Triathlon annual members. This is their first roster that they submit to USA Triathlon. They have 200 Houston club members and of those members, 150 of them are USA Triathlon annual members.

In November 2016, when the second roster is due the Houston Triathlon Club submits their most up-to- date roster for the Club Incentive Program. They upload this in the Membership system within their club profile and select “final roster.” Over the course of the year, from April to November, 50 USAT annual club members stepped away from the club (I.e. moved, no longer racing, etc.). However, they encouraged 75 club members to become new USA Triathlon annual members. Remember, “new” members are brand new USA Triathlon annual members and also club member who had a USA Triathlon annual membership that expired before Nov 30, 2015 and renews their annual membership during 2016, they will count as a “new athlete” within the Club Incentive Program.

Comparing the initial roster (150 USAT Annual Members) to the final roster (175 USAT Annual Members), the club saw an incremental growth of 25 new USA Triathlon annual members within their club during the year. The Houston Triathlon Club would fall into Tier 1 of the Club Incentive Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my roster?

The club administrator can select to participate in the Club Incentive Program by logging into the club profile on the USA Triathlon website. Once logged into the club profile, there will be an option to participate. Be sure to maintain a current roster in the USA Triathlon club database with both USA Triathlon Members and non USA Triathlon Members.

To add non USA Triathlon Annual Members to your club roster you will need to submit the following information about each club member:

  • First Name
  • Last Name

    A roster template is also available to download if you prefer to use an excel template to upload your club roster.

    Questions on how to compete your club roster can be directed to

How do we activate our Incentive Reward?

Both MPA Event Graphics and 2XU will operate as “gift vouchers.” Each club who participates and earns an incentive will choose which sponsor they would like to activate and will receive a gift voucher in the respective amount.

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