Hector Torres

Chair / Para-triathlon

I have been involved in the triathlon sport since 2003 and have seen the development and growth of the sport. I have been involved in the sport as USAT Coach, Volunteer, Athlete and mentor.  I was appointed in 2008, as Vice Chair into the Florida Region and in 2009 became Chair.

Since becoming Chair, I had to restructure the region and dsc_0010bring it up to par. We have met our goals every single year and worked hand on hand with the USAT National Goals and geared them towards our own demographic. We have developed several programs that have influenced other regions and national to implement, such as the grass roots Paratriathlon Program and Youth Development Coordinator.

One of the programs that I have taken special interest has been the Paratriathlon program; in which has been implemented since  2009. I have been the Head Coach for the Paratriathlon Team USA on two major international events, such as ITU Patco Edmonton ( 8 medals ) and ITU World Championship New Zealand (13 medals).

In addition to my Triathlon experience, I have had a very successful career in Marketing/Radio/TV for 6 years and overseeing six #1 radio stations in the east coast. In which, I have geared the product towards the specific demographic in the market. I have managed over 23 concerts with an attendance of 5,000 to 55,000. I followed my dream of triathlon and started my own coaching business.

I understand the sport of triathlon and, I understand working in a corporate 500 company. These factors, combined with true zealousness, an ability to listen and a commitment to integrity and transparency will make me an excellent member – and immediate contributor – to the USAT Board of Directors.

In conclusion, my passion for triathlon and the multi-sport lifestyle has been influential to the success of the region and personal growth. If elected, I will work within the Bylaws adopted by USA Triathlon to help form policies to carry out the goals and objectives of USA Triathlon.  In addition, I’ll work to improve the involvement of Paratriathletes, Age Groupers, Race Directors and Coaches within the organization.

Email: hector.torres@usatriathlon.org

Phone: 321-443-0073

2 comments on “Hector Torres
  1. Tim says:

    In an email i just received it said: “We have selected the Top 100 Triathletes and Top 50 Duathletes in our region. Please visit our website and see if you made the cut.
    If you were, congratulations and please complete the form so we can send you the athlete recognition.

    Keep up the good work,

    Hector L Torres
    USAT Lv 2, USAC Lv 2, USAS and USATF & MS

    I went to the florida region website( http://www.usatriathlon.org/regions/florida/contents.aspx )
    and to (http://usatfloridaregion.com/). Neither site had anything about a top 100 or were to find it. Could you please include a direct link.


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